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Haven't ranted in a while. Quite understandable since-as you might've noticed-I had been rapidly uploading updates to my newest story TSU and I kept updating it since I was so surprised by the amount of boredom that kept coming and I had nothing to talk about (haven't really been keeping up with the news that much). Now I have things to talk about and less time to sit around and story-write. However, it is a short story so I will finish it, quite soon. I aim to upload at least 1 chapter a week.

I'm feeling a little sleepy...and hungry. I was feeling drowsy since for some reason walking around to a lot of places when it's cold seems to sap your energy as soon as you get inside someplace warm and sit down. That and Jamie was playing calm Irish music (how I like listening to it). Then the smoke alarms went off. Every Wednesday afternoon they get tested and I don't like that: they always test them twice for some reason and they're f***ing loud! (Curious that I'm willing to sensor that word when I'm writing my own thoughts but not in a story.)

Today I finished that presentation Rose and I have to do in the next grammar class. She basically did most of the research and I'm the one who's been editing the handouts, correcting any mistakes and making the entire powerpoint slideshow. I didn't think that last bit would take me so long but...boy it took me a while. Course it's a rather long-winded job going through every page and highlighting particular words and sentences (as opposed to the whole page) and converting the language to German.'s over now. I also bought the train tickets home. £10 more expensive than the coach but having bought them a month and a half early means I don't have to worry about travel arrangements and my money has been well spent (as opposed to being mis-spent on cakes...and creme eggs). Why train this time? Easter holiday's shorter than the Christmas one so I'd rather be home as quickly as possible and train is more convenient considering I have Friday afternoons free.

I also took part in a study for some postgrad. Basically, watch a video of Halo, then play it. This is the first time I've ever played the game-I thought I would also be playing on the X-Box for the first time but I get to the office and discover that this copy of the game was a Mac edition. Makes sense for there to be a Windows/PC edition but Mac? Thing is though, that was rather annoying since I prefer playing video games on a console with a decent control pad, not on a keyboard and a mouse...made movement rather hard.

Current TV show I'm watching: Blood Ties. I've been looking forward to this show for a long time-after seeing the trailer in Canada in fact. It looked so cool, dark and mesmerising. So I'm a little disappointed: the situation of Henry, the vampire, is rather mediocre (he's a bit too accepting and satisfied of his situation) and there's little emotional impact. But it's fun, the plots are intriguing and well-thought out and there's an ongoing love triangle plus Vicki's personal dramas. Acting is also top-notch and the soundtrack is mesmerising. Basic plot is that Vicki is a Personal Investigator who didn't believe in Vampires and Demons until...well the first episode obviously and while she still takes on any normal cases she's now found herself almost constantly hired to solve a parallel mystery. Henry is the vampire she meets in the first episode and he helps her (even protects her). The love triangle is that Vicki doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone immortal (and impotent-they haven't said that but it appears to be common Vampire lore: they're dead. So how can they reproduce?) but at the same time she hasn't sorted out her feelings for Mike, who gets police reports for her and used to be her partner when she was a cop, who is jealous and distrustful of Henry-moreso after discovering his true nature. The show always brings back memories of my time in Toronto, since it's set there so various landmarks and street signs are shown (though it was actually filmed in Vancouver-naughty naughty).

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