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Haven't done an update in a bloody long time. Again, nothing to talk about. But I have found myself to be so busy at times. Some days I need to research for the next seminar, other times I made spontaneous decisions to go out to the bar with a friend, plus when I'm balancing my priorities work clearly comes first. So when I think of free time priorities, I tend to work on the next TSU chapter since I really want to get that finished, preferably before I go home. I only have another 3 chapters to go, maybe 4. What would help is if I always type what I think. Well okay, not always. Basically there are times when I write a long paragraph or speech, so naturally I need to plan what to write before typing it. But then I end up planning the rest of the page, then future developments, then sometimes other completely random things come to my head, so I feel like I'm waking from a stupor when I realise I'm just staring at my computer screen and doing nothing. I really need to keep focus when writing my stories. ><

I feel like recounting a little occurrence that happened during the hike at Tryfan today. (I was the one First Aider in charge of the hiking group today.) While on the hike a family passed the group. We were clambering very high up and between large rocks at this point. The little boy accidentally slipped and fell backwards. He landed in the gap between 2 large rocks. His dad helped up his shaken son and asked if he was alright. Here was the upset boy's reply: "I told you it was suicide!" His reaction was so over-the-top that the entire Hiking group laughed-as did his older sister.

*sigh* Don't see myself working at this story until Tuesday. Tomorrow's a packed day and I'm lacking in energy right now. The fact that I typed this up is amazing in itself. Oh God, look at the time. I need to go and pick up my laundry.

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