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Yesterday I lost a day to going to Bristol to watch a live recording of a game show. The thought of it just makes me happy. Now I'd rather not say which one since every audience member had to sign a confidentiality agreement and though it didn't say anywhere I couldn't tell people the name of the game show...I'd rather not risk it.

I have to say, the studio is smaller than I imagined (and a bit tackier too). Now since I sat right next to the entry gang where audience and contestants enter, I clasped hands with a guy called 'Nev'. I don't think he could see me properly though. And there was a generally good view :). Interesting that the tension music does not play live, it's put in through later editing. There was still tension though-who needs music when there's utter stillness?

Soon after we left (there were 8 of us, the trip was organised via Facebook) we started trying to figure out exactly when the show was due to air. All someone said before recording was: "It's a Wednesday in September."

The host made a couple of other clues later.

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