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I go back to Uni tomorrow. I can't help but realise that out of all the holidays, Easter feels like the one that doesn't pause life, that's not so special, that life still goes on even though it occurrs. There are 2 reasons for this: the Uni term hasn't finished so this is the holiday that no matter what year you're in, you'll be doing work of some kind in some amount. The other is that, unlike Christmas, it's not at the end of the year, so it can't mark anything extraordinary-except the arrival of Spring I suppose but Spring creeps up on us and appears in random stages and signs-it's not all together. This year it also felt like this even more than last year because all my closest friends are still at school/Uni during the holidays. No school will be out for the Easter Holidays (technical name only-should've been called Spring Holiday) until next Monday. Or yesterday in the case of my old school. Even more unusually, June's course doesn't 'pause' or go 'for a break' until next Monday either. (They did get days off on Good Friday and Easter Monday due to them being Bank Holidays.) So strange...

For 3 days of this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) I was June's model for her photos. Art project, see? On Wednesday night I slept over at her flat (I was comfortable on her sofa while she and Rob slept in their usual bed) for efficiency reasons in regards to travel (So why didn't I sleep over on Tuesday night as well then? Well I had a job interview! That's why!). Now this was interesting for a number of reasons. I don't find the prospect of living alone very appealing, never have really. So years ago I asked June if she was willing to be my flatmate when we grew up. Naturally she said yes. Since she's now living with her boyfriend though, if we kept to that arrangement then it would be June, her boyfriend and her best friend. Spending just about 26 hours at her place isn't exactly long enough to reveal what life might be like if we all shared a flat somewhere, but it does confirm a couple of suspicions I've been having:

-My bossiness and somewhat demanding personality would easily get up their nerves-not that it doesn't already but in a living scenario, I would always shut them up when watching TV, would sometimes seem unwilling to talk to them due to my natural desire to be alone a lot and I don't want to think of the friction caused by my regular video gaming...
-I also learned something about June that would get up my nerves: when she's concerned with her task/project she doesn't know when to stop, so she can easily be sitting at her laptop 4 hours after she promised herself she would go to sleep. So (in a future setting) in a huff I would go to her study/room, shut the laptop and order "June: Bed. Now!"

There's also the natural problem that a couple would prefer little intrusion in their private space. And considering June will graduate a year before me and might even buy a house before I've graduated (considering the way the economy's going she seems lucky enough to get a good deal in the future) it seems very unlikely I'd get the opportunity to move in with them. Oh, and I plan to travel before I start working. So if it all works to plan, June would've found herself living in her (bought) house/flat for 2 years before I start a career of some sort, by which time Sajida will have graduated...


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