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You know those trousers women wear with business suits? I don't like them. They precariously balance on the waist/hips, drape down like punjabi curtains and are so long women are expected to wear high heels with them, so they lounge around the heel. What happened to the good old fashioned types that only fastened around the waist, didn't flair and stopped at the ankles?

This month has been one of ups-and-downs for me, good news/bad news and all the rest of it. It started when Excel Institute decided to not employ me for the role of Youth Leader, which would have taken place in July. So I had to job hunt. Good news was that I could go to Potshausen this year (Familientag is its real name but few people call it that). Last Wednesday, I was hired by 2 temp-staffing companies with hospitality/catering as their specialty. The downside was that they expect all employees to have their own uniform components and one company demands I have smart black trousers. Doh. The upside is that, unlike when my waitressing stint required me to have a skirt, trousers are everywhere. They're easy to find. The downside is that I didn't want to waste time finding them and I didn't want to pay very much for an item of clothing I don't want, so I went to the ethically-challenged Primark.

So now I sigh: why couldn't American Apparel have a formal range?

I'll just take a mental note that when my work for Prestige People is over for the month, I'll go to as few of their events/jobs as possible. Damn trousers. I'm also wondering whether to get new shoes, the ones I have for these jobs aren't really the best to wear for a long time...

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