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Upon recently discovering my exam results I have to conclude that of my years in University, this one is the worst when it comes to marks. My highest score last year was 72 (a First!) in German. My highest score this year was German. So no change in which subject is my best and German was definitely harder this year since we had translation exercises and I'm not the best at translating from English to German. Really. But all the scores I got in History shocked me. They are all low and I got higher marks in the subjects I didn't enjoy. (Lowest mark was 57, so not that low.)

What's most annoying is that no one gets any feedback after an exam so I'm half clueless as to how to improve. I can only assume my planning sucks, I didn't always put the best effort into it this year.

So, yeah. I was temping at the Hampton Court Flower Show last week. I have tons of anecdotes but I'd rather sum up the experience somehow. Well, I do know that Prestige works by not telling you exactly what your job will be and where. One day before I'm expected for work, I'm told the time and place to meet up (we all are) and I don't know my job role, place of work or when I'm going home until I get my timesheet. A bit daft but what can you do? So I worked in one place on the first day (called the Palace Tea Room, I basically did all things waiting) but was somewhere else the rest of the week (Loch Fyne Champagne and Seafood Restaurant). So if there's anything else that I know will be a recurring characteristic of Prestige jobs, it's that I won't get a break until about 3pm on average, so while I work (during the lunch period) I'll starve, unless I eat something before the rush hits. So in that seafood restaurant I was a runner. Very basic job: we get given food and the table number and off we go.

Anything else recurring will be the reimbursement of travel expenses, for which there's a policy for within Prestige People. This week, everyone will be paid £5 for every day they've worked to cover travel, so in addition to my wages, I'll be paid £30. My total tips from those 6 days of working were £109. Very nice-way more than I got at the Croydon Park Hotel (but then, it wasn't necessarily the rich that went to that restaurant. Any eating place at the Flower Show that was a temporarily erected building was steeply priced so only the rich or people with money to spend would dare eat there). And tomorrow I'll be going up to the Golf Open. They send us all up there by coach, give us meals and accommodation. I can't imagine the accommodation being anything worse than a decent hostel, so wherever we end up, I just hope I have internet. But apart from that little worry, I'm sure it'll be an exciting little adventure.

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