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As I'm writing this, I'm nearing the end of my train journey. Yesterday the Telligo Camp ended. While the "Group Leaders" (Counsellors) not from England no doubt had to have late nights of settling down (normally with a friend) since their flights were quite late, I not only had a late night but had to help assemble my bed.

2 days ago my family went up to Manchester in order to sort out the essentials for Nathan's flat, ascertain what work needed to be done (the plumbing was truly dire and there were almost no working light bulbs) and buy furniture. It seemed to make sense then that I would meet them, especially since furniture shopping is my favourite kind and I'd never seen Manchester.

So after getting together with my family we went to Ikea. But not together. Dad failed to mention that he'd rented a van and there were only 3 seats. So I was given money and went on a bus. It took us about 3 hours to shop around Ikea. First we had to pick out things (usually Nathan saying yes or no and telling the Parents to hurry up) and then put things on a trolley in the self serve bit. We ended up at the checkout with 4 trolleys. Now there were things that held up this process. 1) Nathan wanted a certain table and its label was missing. 2) Ikea wardrobes need to be designed by you and Mum ended up trying to design Nathan's wardrobe in her head, failing miserably, trying to figure through the details, deliberating with Dad and Nathan had to tell her to stop it after about half an hour (he wants a wardrobe already designed and so from somewhere else. 3) We wanted to purchase some chairs but after a long time of wandering around (I was guarding 3 trolleys) it turned out they were not in stock. 4) Dad had to go to the pick up desk to pick up the 3-seater sofa. It had to be brought down by a forklift and was so big in its packaging it needed its own trolley.

We ended up having our dinner at 20:10. Or 20:20. One of those two. It was late anyway and I was glad Ikea had its own restaurant.

So I went back to Nathan's flat by bus but this time with Nathan since he brought up the question of personal safety. At his flat I helped bring up boxes and put in new light bulbs (I held them for Dad) and helped assemble the sofa-bed I slept on that night. It's not that they bought it for me but that it seemed sensible for Nathan and Ernie (his flatmate-who I still haven't met nor even seen a photo of) to have a spare bed somewhere in case of visitors. The sofa actually seats and sleeps 2 people, which makes it extra useful.

So yes, because there's only 3 seats on the van I'm going home by train, at minimal extra cost because when I travelled up to Liverpool by train (to meet the Telligo group) I booked an open return ticket. It's valid 'til the end of August. But since they have a van, they're taking my luggage for me ^^.

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