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Michael Jackson turns 50 today. But even more closer to home, my dad turned 50 2 days ago. And what did he do? He was singing songs with a rock band!

It's not that he was going through a mid-life crisis of any sort, it's just that he can sing (as you know) and Zühlke, the company he works for, has a sort of grand party coming up where the employees of all the branches can just socialise and mingle. Rather than hire outside musicians (they might be hiring a couple, I dunno) the organisers invited the employees themselves to form bands. So Dad's one of the singers in the band from the UK, while 'Bandits' is the band from Germany (the British one doesn't have a name) and Switzerland couldn't form one for some reason. A subject of great hilarity.

Would you believe I actually did something useful yesterday and today? June is currently an intern at the AOI (Association of Illustrators) and helped set up an exhibition. Now they needed volunteers to put it up in the first place but found less of them for taking it down. So I came along (there were 5 people yesterday and just 2 today) and helped take down pictures, package them, paste the screw holes, remove screws, remove the display stickers, move the pictures into storage-some of them are really large and heavy as a result.

Next week though, I need to find some paid work. I know Prestige has a job lined up (they're the ones who sent me to Hampton Court and the golf course in Southport) so if TSS has nothing I'm calling Karlien.

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