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I'm feeling happy. Yesterday I finished a politics essay. I also finished it in record time. All my research was done within 1.5 weeks and I wrote the entire essay in just 3 days (started Thursday, finished Saturday). Here it's necessary. I mean, in a German University more time is spent in class so there aren't any chunks of free time like I normally have at Aber. I pretty much did my essay attempting to not be easily distracted during the time I had available. I wrote out the full introduction (2 paragraphs!!!) on Thursday morning, then the rest of the day was jam-packed as normal. Worked more on it Friday (late) afternoon (after Russian) and in some of that evening. Then I pretty much spent all of Saturday writing the remaining half-and-a-bit.

This really does show me how much time I truly wasted at Aber. I mean, I knew I wasted quite a bit of time but I never realised how much. Suddenly I have memories of waking up on Wednesday, knowing I had nothing to do that day and chose to watch a movie in the morning. A movie, in the morning, when my concentration is at its peak. Yes...I really made a wise choice.

I now have a much better idea of what to expect in my final year. I will be buying a PS3 for my final year and when he was still trying to convince me to do so, one argument I gave Nathan was that having a PS3 risks eating up my small amount of free time. Well in actual fact, despite my dissertation and societies with their weekly socials and my frequent trips to the cinema, I'll probably be playing the PS3 roughly the same amount of time Nathan currently does, probably moreso during my low work period (and when I'm addicted to the latest game).

Nathan really is wise sometimes.

I'm also happy because an Advent Ring finally appeared at the Freundschaft building. So today's service was brightened by 2 lit candles. Although rather than it being a ring it was more like a mess of greenery with some Christmas decoration surrounding 4 thick candles, still looked nice though. Someone has also put up a wreath (sp?) on a pillar. Peter told me that the buying of the ring is normally not organised, so normally someone buys it, thinking everyone would forget. But then several rings are brought along for the first Sunday in Advent. This was the first year when everyone decided to not risk needless spending. Oh the hilarity.

I'm also well aware that, once again, Nathan and I will be returning home to a house barren of Christmas decoration. I just hope Nathan's sensible enough this year to leave the tree 'til LAST. It's the easiest and most straight-forward bit goddammit! (And I can hear Nathan mimicking my 'dammit' right now. My brother I know ye too well!)

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