Ruth's Diary


It's becoming routine to do one of these every Christmas morning.

So I'm obviously home, in my familiar room with its red carpet. The flight was messy for the most part, but arriving at Heathrow at night is a very wise choice, I don't remember ever getting through the Terminal so quickly. So what have I been doing between arriving home and now?

Well when I haven't been singing in various festivities and things, or helping June with her high pile of work-in fact I was helping June with Christmas shopping in general (during which she'd bought the cheapest good-value crackers I had ever seen-yay Credit Crunch!) and I bought her her first tinsel and decorated her home a bit. I can't believe she's never had tinsel. Well she has now. I hope Rob liked it when he came home that evening. But yeah, I cleaned up her kitchen for her while she did the slow process of shading (I never realised shading took so long) and then she took photos of me in various poses for reference. One of her projects also relied on a story excerpt so I sent her an extract from 'Goth Story', now renamed 'Dark Kingdom'. This was the first time she could closely examine one of my stories, even only a chapter, and all my weaknesses were so obvious to her. She could tell I didn't give a damn about Rowan (seriously, she's boring), so imagine her surprise when I told her Rowan's the main character.


I also have things to do this holiday, namely revise my Russian. It was only in the last week of term that we finally looked at numbers, so I spent my first free days learning numbers in Russian. To practice, I asked Mum to give me a number, any number (not higher than 1999-1000 is the highest number we've learned) and she found it so much fun that at random times yesterday-Christmas Eve for crying out loud!-she gave me random numbers without me even expecting it. I wonder if at some point today she'll just say: 627. (Shistcót Dvádtsats Cyem...I need a Russian keyboard)

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