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April Fool's has been and gone but that ain't gonna stop me talking about it.

I'm always slightly sad every year it comes around 'cos I can never think of a decent prank. Good thing there's the internet for laugh-out-loud gags that affect hundreds, thousands, even millions. Youtube decided to make its site upside down, which was more annoying than funny but it was a legitimate prank and better than anything I'd ever come up with. Doug Walker decided to act as his various alter egoes acting as each other. Yeah, that was weird. The Movie Preview Critic has got to be this year's winner though: he did a bogstandard movie preview review for Fast & Furious but he was talking about how awesome it is and its franchise is the best franchise ever, even going so far as to say Fast & Furious will be better than The Godfather. I figured out it was a joke about 2 minutes in but even then I was cracking up. He gave his real opinion at the very end, after revealing an 'April Fool's' banner amid fireworks.

But I can't help but wonder if the forces of Spring have been joining together to plant a joke on us mere mortals. You see, my first week back here (in Heidelberg, naturally) the weather was late winter: rain, wind and terrible temperatures you name it. I even switched on the news to find that North/Northeast Germany was still buried under snow while more was falling. Seriously WTF? But in the space of less than a week the weather did a complete turnaround and now we're in early Summer. People are wearing T-shirts right now.

Boy I can't wait 'til June!

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