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Happy Easter everybody!

It's a bit of an odd Easter for me though, considering that today doesn't feel too much different than other Sundays. At least I bought myself some chocolate bunnies (Germans go ga-ga over chocolate bunnies rather than chocolate eggs of all sizes) and I got 2 handfuls of small chocolate eggs from the Bibelfreundschaft. Because it was Easter the Bibelfreundschaft brought in a large vase of daffodils to stand at the front, it looked very pretty. Oh and for the first time ever I got an Easter present. Dad sent me a wrapped present from Amazon: a CD of mini-stories, poems and other cultural things to do with Easter (all in German and most written by German authors) and the card it's kept in is shaped like an egg. It's a very well thought out gimmick-gift and I've got the CD playing as I type this. Großvater also sent me a really entertaining e-card.

Since Heidelberg is a very traditional/religious town, there's no Uni on Good Friday and Easter Monday. I basically just have a long 4-day weekend, which is why I decided to not bother travelling home. Good thing too, I had so much homework to do. I only finished it today. At least I don't have anything to worry about tomorrow and I can just relax when I visit Reinhard (Großmutter's cousin). One key job that sucked a lot of time was preparing for the Referat on Tuesday (in 2 days-eep!). My Referatspartnerin has actually travelled home for Easter so one thing that took up a lot of time was having email-conversations. Plus she's taking up most of the workload...I just...the poor girl needs a break, it's Easter, she's with family, she's not meant to be worrying about a stupid presentation. We're doing the very first one after all, no one expects it to be well-prepared and well-presented.

Ah well, tomorrow's free time: practicing what I'm going to say.

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