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How silly, as soon as I uploaded the last entry I remembered I wanted to make an observation about the bus drivers around here. All I really wanted to say was how observant they are and don't just drive off as you see the bus and run towards it...unlike some London buses.

On Monday I went into Citibank to open up 2 new bank accounts. Why? Because it's just not worth it to save in Britain right now! Now all I wanted to do was open a savings account but in order to have access to it I needed another account, so I got given the student one but that status expires in 2010, which is when I graduate and then I'll be made to pay fees. I'm not sure why but in Germany people are often expected to pay some kind of fee for their bank accounts. I really don't get it. I'll have to somehow remember to go over the accounts again in Easter next year to find either some way of avoiding fees or change accounts. Maybe even close them?

At this point I'd like to make another observation: when in the bank I was asked if I would like a drink. I asked for water, forgetting that in Germany when you simply ask for water they will take it as fizzy water. In the past I've resolutely hated the fizzy water but months of drinking Apfelschorle has made the taste a lot more tolerable. I never thought I'd see the day.

Tomorrow's a religious holiday! Yay no Uni! Tomorrow is Ascension Day or Christlicher Himmelfahrt as is known here. So tomorrow my 'circle' as it is referred to (sounds rather Wiccan) are meeting up for lunch and...something. No wait! I know! Since there's going to be a fire we're going to strip naked and dance around the fire while hollering at the tops of our voices!

Not really. I'm just joking of course. The very idea of these people doing that is making me laugh my head off.

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