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As you can see, elections are upon us. I have a card for voting in the European Union elections (which I expected) and I have the notepad necessary for casting my 40 votes in the local Heidelberg Council elections (which I didn't). I know, 40 votes. Ain't that insane? Well whoever I vote for (doing my research tomorrow) I know I won't be handing any one party or all the independents the whole 40 votes, I just feel it undermines the purpose of proportional representation, and getting in many view/standpoints better represents the constituents.

Also that dude in the right-hand photo is one of my lecturers and the only member of staff who I've had in both semesters. At first it was a bit weird seeing a large-scale zoom of his face on a poster, but hey, he's rather photogenic and always carries himself with an air of purpose, as if he will get things done 'cos there's never a true reason to worry. He was even gentlemanly enough to apologise for giving me such a low grade in his class last semester (I got a '4', which is only 1 step up from 'fail'). Hey don't worry, I get it, I screwed up my Referat and my Hausarbeit wasn't up to scratch. I'm just more than happy I didn't fail. Anyway, he assured me I'd likely do better this time around 'cos the Referat I did was a lot better, oh and this time I actually have an exam instead of a Hausarbeit, so that should make things simpler.

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