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Don't you just hate it when people on the internet don't update for a very long time without explanation? I definitely do and...I did it. All I can say in my feeble defence is that an awful lot went on. Meaning I'm not lying but there was nothing stopping me from writing another entry, so long as I pulled myself together and got down to working through the things needed to be done, but instead I just procrastinated like mad and left very little time to the necessary jobs I wanted to do. But I definitely haven't been leaving this site alone, oh no, I've been writing another story in the mean time. More on that later.

Since the last entry I had been revising, preparing for my parents' visit, revising more, having my exams, going through an absolute ecstasy after my exams (because I was free you see), flying home, falling ill with a bad cold (and not swine flu), trying to avoid writing my Hausarbeit but couldn't, helping June move, writing my last piece of Uni necessity, and on that day I got an urgent email from Telligo needing a new monitor to replace the one that dropped out. (Understandably because of health problems.) So I hurried writing that piece last night, the stress making me rather irritable and short-tempered...

Now I'm here. I'm in my room at the Telligo camp in Norwich (in Hethersett to be more precise). I'm supposed to be preparing my workshops but I've also got tomorrow morning and I've just been filling out forms so...

Anyways, what's cool is I can access the internet from my room, but I'm stuck just detecting signal at the mo since this is one of those places that strictly regulates access. Aurélien (Camp Director) has told me that the IT guy comes in tomorrow morning. Perfect! I'll just get my access details and then I can finally upload an update to this site. And send Dad the Hausarbeit to proof-read, yeah.

All in all, happy days. But I really don't understand why my room in Hethersett doesn't come with its own bin.

29/7 Edit: Got my bin this morning :)

Yet another edit: We're at a school, which means a heavily restricted amount of internet access, a fact which I forgot, which means I can't upload any more content onto my website. So by the time you see this entry, it will already be 2 weeks old. Sorry!

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