Ruth's Diary


So as a double-whammy I thought I'd put up 2 entries at the same time, just to, you know, make up for the time I couldn't upload any due to a bloody firewall.

Can't really write much. I mean, the camp officially ends tomorrow, we're in a hostel right now and Aurélien's trying to find food. That's right, trying. He's very good at planning actually, but I'm not too sure how he messed this bit up or what he was even expecting. Oh well.

I'm supposed to patrol the corridors or something, not too sure what's really expected of me right now, just that I'm not meant to be on this computer.

Yeah, I'd better go.

Edit 9/8: (I gotta stop doin' these) I was wondering why Aurélien was having such trouble. I found out 2 nights ago that he wasn't responsible it was Telligo themselves. And you know what? They never booked nothin'! I sometimes wonder what kind of company Telligo is, being over-reliant on a flimsy network of self-checks. Oh whatever, I still intend to work for them next year.

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