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I have 4 PS3 games. It's not something to be proud of really, it's just that the games I have at the moment aren't particularly addictive (and easy to download...for a price).

Ghostbusters (not downloaded) has a story mode, which you complete and then have nothing more to do except go online. It's fun, but not addictive. Also, small gripe: why the hell does Ghostbusters have so many white people? It's in frickin' New York, the ultimate multi-cultural melting pot of the world. I should know, I've been there.

Fat Princess I only play with Nathan. It's a fun little game, but it's not exactly something to master, all you have to do is learn the controls and away you go. (Although June had a blast playing it offline, getting a buzz from how cute the princesses are.) After that I downloaded Wipeout HD, which is fun and a wonderful utilisation of the HD TV. I'm slowly developing an addiction to that game, which also allows you to programme a personal music playlist. It's great because unlike previous instalments of Wipeout the soundtrack on this game is rather disappointing. So I'm mulling over how I can possibly make up a playlist made up of the soundtracks from Wipeout 3 and Wipeout Fusion. I'm in no hurry but it would be nice.

Sajida and June came round 2 days ago and we took turns playing another game I had downloaded the same day as Wipeout: Bomberman Ultra. When I had first fiddled around with it over the weekend I grinned. I knew my 2 best pals were coming round and a party game is always awesome. Bomberman Ultra allows up to 8 players a map, offline as many pads as there are spaces can play (I can't imagine 8 human players in one room though), and online I can log in up to 3 guest players on my username. It really is a game tailor-made for groups of people. Also, unlike in the past, I hadn't had piles of time to play the game to death and master it before my friends could play (that has happened a lot in the past: Bomberman World, any Tekken game, Ridge Racer Type 4...), which meant we were all in the same boat-apart from me explaining the controls-so we could play around with the modes, costumes and maps and laugh our heads off at our frequent losses of control. That's another wonderful thing about Bomberman Ultra: it's so noob-friendly. Whenever you select an option or a map mode, a caption appears at the bottom to explain it. There's a place on the screen for this caption, making it non-intrusive and easy to ignore once you know what to select.

I have to admit, it's nice not to be so competitive with a game and actually play with my friends for a change. Saying that though, when Tekken 6 comes out, I'll be competitive once again to try and keep up with Nathan, but Nathan himself actually has precious little time, so it'll be interesting to see how well we keep up with each other.

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