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I've finally finished my latest story and it's fully uploaded. I really wanted it done months ago, since I wrote most of it in the week or so before going home and even wrote some while at home. But considering it was summer and I had other things on my mind *cough*Let's Play Resident Evil*cough*, the finishing chapters ended up not being completed until very recently.

Now this story is rather unusual, in that it's a horror story. I don't do horror. I don't read horror stories, don't watch horror movies and don't play survival horror games, hence why I watched the Let's Plays so I could watch someone else play through the Resident Evils. I still got scared though. (Except 4 and 5, they're not scary at all.)

So anyway, back in June/July sometime I watched Dena's reviews of Silent Hill 1 and 2 on Youtube. They were very entertaining and I became rather interested in the imagery used. Then I stumbled across (as you do on Youtube through related links and so forth) the song 'Room of Angel', as featured in Silent Hill 4. Someone had uploaded it with a picture slideshow of various scenes from the game. The song is haunting and made the images more dramatic. The combination of the two meant that the story I've now written suddenly came together...and it just wouldn't leave me alone.

It was bad enough that a song haunted me, but a story I'd created in my head was also haunting me. They were so haunting I couldn't concentrate on anything else (I zoned out in Russian 'cos of the stupid story-bad idea). Eventually I realised why the story kept nagging me: there was a beginning, end and plot points in between. In the meantime I could see the characters. I had stumbled across a story and though the story did stop haunting me after a while (after I'd written its plan in fact), I knew not writing it would be a big mistake.

I have to say, Unfinished... is the best piece of work I've ever done. For once I made a story character-based. Although it was also a bit difficult to write, mainly because I had to make sure I kept an eye on the American lingo (I think I've slipped up in a couple of places), as well as the challenging style that is first person narration. I don't normally write in the first person, nor do I always enjoy reading such a style, but in this story it's the most effective way of delving into Tanya and expressing her feelings.

Hope you enjoy the story. However since my first discovery of Room of Angel (the song) I've realised that fans overuse it. It just isn't that effective anymore.

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