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*sigh* I don't like house parties. Maybe I should rephrase that? Whenever there's a house party here I always feel a certain amount of trepidation. 1 reason is the tons of smokers that come over and stink the place up (although Cheryl was clever enough to carry a spray around with her to dispel the smell). Another is the masses of rubbish as a consequence. Another is the hideously late time I go to bed.

I was briefly in the kitchen before I did go to bed though (people were beginning to leave en masse shortly before 3) and Marianne saw the concerned look on my face. She ernestly promised me that the place will be cleaned up today. It's 20:47 and it still hasn't happened. But why am I surprised? Most people in this house are nocturnal. Whenever the kitchen does get cleaned up, it happens while I'm asleep half the time. So maybe it will be cleaned up by tomorrow morning, who knows? (There's also another reason the house must be clean and tidy. Prospective tenants for the next academic year will be dropping by to have a look round and Dilwyn's stressed that the house must look decent to give the proper impression: the tenants must maintain cleanliness here.)

In fact, when I'm asleep, this is what my housemates will most likely be doing: watching a movie (or TV show), playing a video game, reading a book, doing an essay, doing revision, cleaning a part of the house, not to mention maybe going out for the night. Even more annoying when they cause a racket doing any of these things, it means I wake up and get in a strop. It sometimes truly drives me MAD!

Not them doing the actions mind you, it's just the notion of all the nighttime activity that drives me mad. I think this proves one thing: I am not a creature of the night. Although I already knew that.

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