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Hey, guess what? The kitchen did get cleaned up during the night while I slept. Moving on.

I dunno what it is about this bed I have here in Gwelfryn. I always find it such a task to get out of it. At home I might allow myself a 10-minute lie-in, perhaps 20 at the most (unless I'm ill). In First Year, I had little trouble getting up in the morning. In fact, usually I leapt up from the bed after looking at the time and being absolutely shocked by how late it was. Second Year I had little trouble getting up, granted I usually had little trouble getting to sleep, so that probably helped. Last year, in Germany, I also rarely hesitated to get out of bed. Except, during December and January, I often needed a bit of mental preparation since it was so damn freezing in the morning. But I had a little ace: the wardrobe was within arm's reach of my bed, so I could reach across to open the thing, pick out my clothes, then snatch 'em and put them on as quickly as possible. The tactic worked and I tended to be down for breakfast around 8-ish most mornings.

So what's the problem here? I had to be up at 7 this morning (I could handle that, right?), but instead I just lay in my bed until an hour passed. I arrived at my lecture over 15 minutes late. I'm just glad it was the introductary one so I didn't miss much, but I can't ever do that again. So why did I have trouble getting up? Was it cold in my room? Hell no! The heating was on and I was (over)warm in my bed. I could easily argue that it was dark and quiet, meaning my subconscious felt it wasn't morning yet (unlike at home, where there's audible and visual activity from 7:15 onwards). I think I should just be honest: this bed is somehow the most comfortable bed in the world. Even when there's a little noise in the house (and not a lot), when I'm tired enough I can fall asleep in it quite easily. So getting up becomes a lot harder. If I'm lucky, I'm finished with breakfast by 9. Against my usual standards, that's atrocious. I can't wait 'til April. At that point I'll be habitually waking up between 6:30 and 7 so I'll have breakfast at 8. Much more reasonable. :)

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