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I really haven't had anything to talk about. I mean, I've mostly been busy with work, then prep for June's wedding...and then I can't help but realise just how unproductive I have been with my spare time. On Saturdays I get up a lot later than I wake up, then I find I take hours to complete the simplest morning routine, then I find myself going out shopping 2 hours later than intended. Somehow I just get so unwilling to do housework or whatever that I spend hours on Youtube following chains of daft clips. Or take yesterday, where I fell into the big trap that is TV Tropes and spent hours going through its lists. I even made the mistake of visiting the tropes list for Kick-Ass...big mistake!!! I already knew the movie was layers and layers of tropes explored, so of course it would have a long list!!!

So once again, as I'm preparing to travel to the UK on Wednesday, my mind is on public transport. Unfortunately, public transport has seen a group of jinxes this Summer as, not only did we have the tragic train crash outside Spain's Santiago de Compostela, we also had a bus crash in both Italy and Switzerland. My thoughts with everyone involved and connected, of course.

My story of annoyance this week involves the private train service Regiojet. You see, in the Czech Republic, most trains are run by České Drahy (Czech Railways) but rival companies Student Agency and Leo also run rival train services along the most travelled routes. I haven't tried Leo Express yet, but up to now, I had always enjoyed using ČD's Super City Pendolino service. A month ago, I did use Regiojet, partly because the time was more convenient but also to try it out. I liked it fine, nice service, cheap snacks (although some of the cakes had run out on my service), nice seating and spacious cabins. Although I found it a bit odd that the train models are quite old. Also Regiojet had free wifi, but it's kinda crappy. In any case, when booking that journey online, I had noticed that I had booked a train in the wrong direction. My fault entirely and when I cancelled the booking, instead of sending the payment back to my account, I accidentally kept the balance for another booking. So I thought, why not? I made bookings for the train journey this week and my return in September.

It's a good thing I always bloody double-check I have everything necessary a few days before the journey then! I looked through my emails and could not find my e-ticket. I checked my bank statement and I could see that my card had been charged for the journeys. I called up the helpdesk to (politely) ask about it and I was told that nothing was in their system for my reservation. I was advised to call back Monday as that would be the day the Accounts Department would be in, as I was legible for a refund. (Quite right too!)

Well on Monday I work early shift, plus I'll need to get a hair cut. As I knew I wouldn't have the time, I knew that I had the choice of either re-booking the same journeys, or booking with ČD, which I've never had a bad experience with. I decided to re-book with ČD and write Student Agency an email, demanding I have a refund. I got a reply within the hour stating that my balance had been found (if it wasn't spent on those tickets, what the hell was it doing? Floating in financial transit?). I confirmed I wanted it refunded to my account and am told I can check my balance in 5-6 business days, by which time I should have received it.

So I'm glad Student Agency takes their clientele seriously and is willing to take care of reasonable requests...I've just personally been so miffed by the entire thing I'm hesitant to try their services again so soon. Especially as I don't fawn and adore their services like my friends and colleagues seem to do.

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