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I'm starting to realise what's going on: I'm writing on here less because anything on my mind I tend to talk over with my flatmates. Once I have something off my chest I just...don't usually feel the need to discuss it anymore.

Well, as you might be able to tell by the date, my birthday came and went. My 26th is probably my most grown-up birthday thus far, there were a lot of plants and 2 bottles of wine among my presents. I was also really happy that my parents bought me all 4 items off my wishlist. My favourite one is the Nightwish movie Imaginaerum, so beautiful and one of the few movies to make me cry. Everyone should watch it, it's spectacular.

My birthday was also one a tad more philosophical this year. I've been getting more aware lately of how much my family means to me (brought home by plans me and Nathan have been making regarding our visit to our grandparents in Bad Iburg). And as I was telling Eva when we ate at Ostrava's only genuine Chinese restaurant, (I'm not telling you which Eva, I know 3), I've been thinking more about my figure and my clothes.

Here's why: I've basically gained weight. No, I'm not eating too much, I've been working on my six-pack by going to aerobics. Over last Winter, there was a time when Diana and I found ourselves going to aerobics 1-2 times a week. Also, last Winter was bitterly cold, for a long time, so I was wearing rather baggy trousers to - obviously - keep me warm. It also meant I had not noticed my lower abdomen had been expanding. Now, inspecting my abdomen, my work-outs mean my stomach is getting flatter and more toned (yay!). For some reason, it also means my lower abdomen jutting out way more than before. I did not expect this. So I have noticed the double-whammy of previously loose trousers now fitting me perfectly, while most of my jeans are now way too tight. My one remaining Adidas trousers are also too tight.

It also looks like I'll need to invest in that special underwear that sucks in the abdomen, it is necessary for my skin-tight clothing. On my birthday, I wore my favourite red-black dress and was shocked to find my tummy jutting out in a horribly podgy and square-ish way. (It did not used to do that!) It was a cold day so I hid it by wearing a cardigan. Everyone thought I looked stunning, how flattering.

I also had people baking me cakes :). Speaking of cooking, the night before my birthday was the first time I ever held a dinner party. Philippe, his Eva and Katy had helped me move my things to my new flat and I had offered to cook for them in thanks. I ended up making a meal of roast beef (without yorkshire puddings) with the potatoes, vegetables and I even made my own gravy. Eva and Philippe were very vocal in how impressed they were by my cooking, Eva was even trying to study what I had served, hoping to replicate the recipe in her home. I offered her extra tips (like what kind of roasting dish to use). But yes, just sitting around, eating and chatting in a cosy setting with friends, better than my actual birthday almost :)

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