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And so, the bedbug saga I suspected it might :/

After my bed was reassembled, I slept in it, except before I even went to sleep the critters started crawling all over me while I was attempting to read Bleak House. So next morning (after having squashed some bugs with my feet - again!) I told my two co-inhabitants and a professional exterminator had to be brought in to consult.

So the flat is now very sparse, my bed has been completely removed and thrown away (the mattress too, just to make sure...I liked that mattress and we had never found any bugs in it), most things are either in bound-up sacks or covered in plastic. Basically, we spent a weekend and a bit tying and packing all this, so that the exterminator could come in (last Monday) and spray the disinfectant absolutely everywhere, so the floors and table tops are completely filthy, we're not allowed to close the windows (at least we weren't, but I'm enjoying the fresh air too much to close them now), before we unpack anything we're meant to put the container or sack into the box-freezer for a minimum of four hours...any textile-based items then have to be washed.

Now, after washing the first several items I stopped, simply because I have nowhere to put them. I thought I remembered Vlasta telling me that the plan was to have a second spray-down in 3 weeks? Meaning there is no point trying to put things back to normal? I'll need to check this with her. Anyway, in the meanwhile, we have to keep an eye out for any more bugs being visible, since spotting one means bringing them in to spray down again. I've unwrapped my PS4, so I'm hoping that won't be the case :(.

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