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So Nathan's married Emma and I now have a sister. I also got a holiday to Italy out of it.

While I did use my time in the bus from the airport to stare at the scenery, I had honestly found myself distracted by another sight: lots of foreign cars! Since my flights were to/from Milan I could only conclude that Europeans love to make roadtrips to Italy. I counted 2 Slovenian cars, 1 Belgian, 1 French, 1 Romanian, 1 Spanish (that one's impressive) and a Czech lorry. Plus 5 Swiss Cars! Five! This is just the journey from Malpensa airport to Milan Central. Over the coming days and journeys I saw lots more Dutch and German cars too.

Now it was on the journey to Italy I had intended to write a blog post detailing my thoughts on Charles Dickens' Bleak House. But...lack of time due to me playing Republique on my phone. I'll write a review of that game soonish, I have plenty to say. Regarding Bleak House however...I don't really know what to say about it. I found it impressive that Charles very believably wrote from the Point of View of a woman (Esther Summerson), at least for the times anyway, and I definitely enjoyed it far more than A Tale of Two Cities. This novel was steeped in Dickensian tropes though, so there were a lot of little mysteries that kept me invested in the story, but I knew they would all be tied up and finished in a neat little bow at the end. I just have to hand it to good Mr Dickens that he kept the satire sharp and the ending bittersweet (one person was so wrapped up in the court case that runs through the entire story that his health suffered and he died from the shock of receiving no money).

Speaking of the person who had died, he had actually hired the services of an older lawyer who, well, is a bit cold and tends to make several characters rather uncomfortable. For some reason, a lot of cliff notes and interpretations of this lawyer is that he is rather manipulative and good at getting his money. My personal interpretation was that he was giving an honest opinion about the entire fiasco to anyone and everyone who visited this client of his, as a way of hinting that the emotional investment in the case should be stopped. A bit sad that I don't remember his name but he doesn't appear in this story much and, like a typical Dickens novel, features loads and loads of characters.

I wanted to say something about Infamous: Second Son - First Light as well but I honestly can't come up with anything to say, I just keep thinking of all the challenges I will spend my time obsessing over. I'll just start playing Republique episode 2, I've already been on this train 30 minutes.

P.S. The Wedding was at Nonna Marí. Do not book any sort of wedding there whatsoever, the owner is a cow and gave poor Emma a lot of grief.

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