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So, my big obsession over the Summer was Game of Thones. The 5th Season ended this past June and having discovered the awesomeness of watching HD-quality episodes on iTunes, I purchased the equivalent of 5 Blu-Rays. So I proudly have every season (so far) on my laptop and this meant I could spend time watching an episode or 2 while on the train this past August.
So yeah, I love this series. Mind you, it’s not quite for the same reasons everyone else loves the show. The history buff in me recognises all the customs and rituals that get referenced among the nobility and power players. The world itself is also very interesting. But I…have to admit, I was hesitating in writing my thoughts on this series. At first I wasn’t sure why, then it hit me: EVERYONE is talking about this show. Anything that could be said has already been said. At least, so it seems.
This year, a lot of people were making jokes that Game of Thrones had become a parody of itself, with the numerous sex scenes, nude scenes and decapitations featured. I would argue against this being the case in Season 5. I noticed it in Season 4; in Season 5, a lot more occurred that defied the viewer’s expectations and the previous patterns. I also couldn’t help but notice that Game of Thrones is best enjoyed in a marathon-fashion. Basically, instead of watching an episode on a weekly basis, it’s much more rewarding to watch an episode, every other day, every day, each mealtime (that’s right! I ate in front of this show! I have a strong stomach, dammit!) so that the different story webs enfold onto each other. It also helped me keep track of who the loads and loads of characters are. (A running joke is that many viewers find it hard to know the names or even faces of numerous occurring characters.) Mind you, it also meant I noticed when an actor for a specific character got swapped out…to my slight annoyance.

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