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I have neglected this blog of mine for absolutely months…
I never really had anything I desperately wanted to talk about. I could easily talk about how I’ve gotten back into reading about Wrestling (mainly articles about how the most notable companies and brands keep screwing up) or watching satirical videos on the subject (looking at bone-headed decisions of the past) or watching Botchamania (the closest thing to a Wrestling blooper reel we’ll ever get).
The trouble is, I don’t really know anyone who would be interested in reading these thoughts of mine. 15 years ago, Pro Wrestling was all the rage and it was something everyone was talking about. These days, the intensity and passion of its very geeky fanbase has shot up thanks to the internet, especially since interest in all the backstage goings on has sharply intensified; but on the flipside, less people are interested in general. The fact that WWE’s viewer ratings have slumped to its lowest in nearly 20 years reflects that. Mind you, that is an interesting observation right there. The Pro Wrestling fanbase has become another form of geekdom, alongside comic-book fans, anime fans and video game fans. (Even Game of Thrones fans, which several wrestlers have admitted they themselves are.)
At least I’m not watching actual Pro Wrestling…that would imply it’s a product worth watching again. It’s not. I’ve found myself watching a few recordings of indy Wrestling matches on Youtube time to time, but that’s it.
As it’s coming to the end of the year, I think it’s only fair to place my “picks” of the year.
So, best movie: Mad Max - Fury Road. The trailer for this movie was awful, but the movie delivered in spades!!! This movie pretty much grabs you from the go and never lets up, filled with action, stunts, moments of insanity (doof warrior). But most of all, this movie is hugely optimistic and with a great message.
Favourite movie: I made Mad Max - Fury Road the best because I can find few flaws in it. As for favourite, I’ll pick Kingsman: The Secret Service. Possibly the most British action movie I’ve seen in years, which is bizarre because there were American actors and producers involved. I think in terms of flavour, it’s just a perfect portrayal of British-American relations from a British perspective, mixing in commentary on classes and etiquette. Also, it’s just purely ridiculous and stupid in the best way. Awesome awesome comic-action movie.
Best franchise entry (movies): Mockingjay Part 2. I am certain The Hunger Games will go down in history as among the best put-together novel-to-movie franchise adaptations. I will delve more into that once I have read through the entire book series, however, it pleases me that a “book series aimed at teenagers” created a very credible movie franchise that explored the themes of ideas, misleading motives and propaganda.
Most disappointing movie: Insurgent. I’m really not sure what I had expected from this sequel to Divergent. Divergent was a pleasant surprise last year and despite its story-flaws really did indulge and explore my favourite sub or niche genre: alternative society fiction. This kind of fiction is normally limited to one-off episodes in science fiction series for obvious reasons. So anyway, I was hoping that Insurgent would further explore the inner workings and relationships within and between the factions (which it did) but then, annoyingly, the story never bothered developing any of the characters, except the leading Tris and Four. THEN it made Tris ‘The Special’. I get very annoyed when science fiction talks about ‘The One’, ‘The Destined’ or whatever special title, because that kind of thing only occurs in the fantasy genre (or in very special circumstances). Putting the title of ‘The Special’ onto someone in a series that posits itself in exploring the positives and negatives of an alternative society is just aggravating and moronic.
Worst Movie: Jupiter Ascending. Bizarrely enough, I still enjoyed this movie for what it is. However, that’s just because I had very low expectations and was fully conscious of every questionable, dull and baffling weakness on display.
Overlooked movie: American Ultra. This movie convinced me that Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are the greatest actors of their generation. Also, the story is pretty solid.
Most indulgent movie: Burnt. I cannot recommend this movie to everyone, simply because the movie doesn’t exactly do anything unusual or new in most regards. However, for those who either do or have worked in the restaurant industry in some way, it perfectly encapsulates the experience and madness that goes into the life.
Best TV show I saw: Game of Thrones. I finally watched it and it really is as good as everyone says it is.
Favourite/Best Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain. I will write about this game more in-depth when I finally do finish it, but my God, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many hours on a game. Considering my glowing review of Dust: An Elysian Tail earlier this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d pick it, but it’s exempt on the grounds that it was originally published in 2012 and the PS4 version came out at the end of 2014 so…it doesn’t count I’m afraid.
Objectively worst Video Game: The Order 1886, purely because of the glaring and objective flaws. On a subjective level, however, I still enjoyed it and intend to play through it again at some point.
Favourite Soundtrack Purchase: TOME II
With that, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I’m hoping with the next entry I actually get to review a book.

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