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I owe it to you to make an entry today because today I'm 18! I don't feel my age though, the only difference between this year and the last is that I'm more conscious of my sugar intake. Well, sit back and read how I celebrated.

I went to Thorpe Park yesterday with June, Sajida, Sophie, Eleanor, Isark (one of Sajida's many brothers-I know I spelt his name wrong but it's the right pronunciation and he came because he never went to Chessington with his family as he was ill) and Rob (June's boyfriend). Sajida->Isark got a lift with Eleanor's mum, so I drove the other two myself, to the delight of June who couldn't get the Travelcard the day before. That was the first time I went on the motorway, but when I went off and got nearer the Theme Park I lost concentration somehow and forgot what road I was supposed to stay on and didn't read the signs soon enough. Yeah I got lost. So we were half an hour later than I planned to be, I'm surprised I didn't get moaned at.

The day was great, we just stuffed ourselves with snacks anytime we wanted (oh the joys of having nobody over 20 around). Lunch was just chips, then we saw Pirates 4D. I laughed because I saw the exact same mini-movie in Germany-in German of course. I've also started a personal tradition. I last went to Thorpe Park 2 years ago and went on Colossus (only rollercoaster with 10 loops-a world record) 3 times, twice before we left. This year we went on Colossus twice, once before we left. So next time I go I'm going on Colossus at least once before I leave.

I opened the presents before we went to Church, which was easily done considering the service was half an hour later today. Today was Harvest Festival and Michaelmas. Michaelmas involves a special anthem/hymn plus blessing. The blessing was held but not the former. Harvest is my favourite, I have many good memories of taking tins with me to the front/altar and seeing the lovely display of tins and vegetables. It was slightly annoying to find only one Harvest hymn. I also put on red lipstick: it's my 18th and I wanted my favourite colour on my lips (and jumper, which I'm still wearing).

When I entered the Vestry to robe up and rehearse only one person (Dennis) said Happy Birthday, his wife obviously had no idea. Stan remembered because he gave me a present (he always gives me presents, if only I could figure out what to give him). Peter the Choirmaster did remember because I have the sneaking suspicion he keeps a record of everyone's birthdays. By that time Dennis had announced my birthday to the rest of the choir and Steven quickly told Peter so. Despite smiling Peter had the look in his eyes that said: 'You ruined my surprise announcement'. Why surprise? Well, the Choir has a tradition in which we sing Happy Birthday to each member when their Birthday is very close, or luckily on the day. I just stood there grinning while they sang their choral version.

Before I continue with my account of celebrations, here are my presents: loads of cards, including one from the local Mayor and one from local MP Tom Brake. They were mostl to encourage me to vote; don't worry, I've already found a party to support. (Liberal Democrats) Anyway, £720 in cheques, £25 cash, gold/silver bracelet and a real gold necklace with a real ruby and real diamond. My 2 birthstones are diamond and opal, although I have no idea what opal looks like.

I got a special Roast Lunch in honour of my coming-of-age, Roast Lamb and Rose Wine, with other food obviously. Dad and I shared my specially selected pudding: mint-flavoured Viennetta (finally! Something other than plain and chocolate!). Today was the first ever race of the A1 Grand Prix. It was so cool! There was loads of tailing, overtaking, random stuff and crashes! And the main race was over in just an hour. 13 cars out of 25 finished, how crazy is that? We had cake and tea after (I had fizzy water, don't like tea). Nathan and Dad arrangd the candles into a '1' and '8'. I actually got 2 cakes, icing covered sponge (my favourite) for my friends and chocolate for (Nathan) my family. Nathan doesn't eat any other flavours. I got Mum a toffee cake for her last birthday and he didn't even like that.

The first episode of 'Hogan knows best' comes on VH1 today (finally! TMF put it on too late) and there's a new episode of the Gilmore Girls! Oooh, I also found all 20 Hermit Crabs with Team Chaotix on 'Sonic Heroes'. Pretty random I know, but I'm still happy.

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