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If you look at the bottom of the page (window/frame that is) you will see 2 new links: Archive and Main. I've added these to the first diary entry and will add them to every entry from now on. I'm not bothered to add them to every entry I've made! As for the archive it's simple and tidy and has blue for its background. Why blue? Well it's a nice colour and I thought I'd do a different colour than the various shades of red you see on this site. That shade of blue was also the colour of my Primary School uniform.

Speaking of school, I thought I'd tell a tale of some school antics this week. We had been told to put our statements onto a floppy disk and give it to Mrs Ensom. I thought the best time to find her would be when she's teaching (Biology). I found her teaching a Year 9 class in the exact same classroom I was in when I was in her Year 9 class. But when I was embarrassed by the fact it was the teacher's references she wanted (insert class giggles) I realised talking to her in front of a class was not the best idea. Oh well. I diverted some of the embarrassment by blaming my form tutor saying the wrong thing. It was believable considering how disorganised Mrs Simmons is. (Art teachers! tut tut)

Sajida and I had the same free last Friday/yesterday. (Thank her for the new links.) She had absolutely nothing to do and when I got my computer out she wanted to instantly play Minesweeper. She finally won a game just as it was time for the next lesson, as in, the time we were meant to be in our seats and ready to begin. I had History with Mrs Panton, it takes a while to get to the classroom (from the library) and I had been late for her last lesson. As I rushed over there, I could imagine her screaming and shouting her disappointment at me. But as I rushed in, she just warmly smiled and asked if I lost track of time in the library. Wow! She made up the lie for me. I just nodded and sat down. As for how she knew I was in the library, someone obviously told her. My time spent in the library is legend.

This is all for now, next time I'll probably give details of late presents.

PS. Remember to change your calendars.

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