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This week I'm complaining about wisdom teeth. No I don't need to get them pulled out, they haven't even fully grown. That's what I'm complaining about.

They started growing about a week or so before I visited Winchester (17th September). I didn't need to complain about them then because they were just new bulges of gum biting into the side of my mouth slightly. They then grew more and the biting stopped.

But at the beginning of the week I found I hated eating. Whenever I did the bulges of gum would suddenly swell up so I couldn't chew properly or close my mouth properly for an hour afterwards and they pulsated pain for that long too. In order to avoid pain coming from my still growing teeth I started to talk with a stiff mouth because opening it too wide made them hurt. Oh yes, I get an earache from them too. I'm not sure why I got an earache from growing wisdom teeth, but I did.

After talking with Dad about it I found out that the growth of wisdom teeth means my jaw is getting reshaped. Well that explains a few things, like the illusion that there's some swelling in my throat ie. tonsilitis. I did feel a growth in the corner of my thoat, not swelling just a growth, almost as if a little ball was making a dent on my windpipe.

Well the growth is gone and it was about Wednesday when my ungrown teeth started behaving itself. But when I was dancing I avoided jumping or bounce moves of any kind because when I did, I felt a sudden pang of pain in my lower bulge of gum. I also never noticed these bulges getting in the way of me talking but when I went to choir rehearsal last Thursday, I heard myself singing like I had a retainer in my mouth. I was also biting into the gum bulges by accident.

Just to randomly change subject before I go: we're made to learn a very random word in our German vocab. The translation for "risk of coronory thrombosis" (Infarktrisiko), whatever that is.

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