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I'll just give you a short rundown of what's been happening. Last Saturday I went to Croydon to buy 'Casshern' and 'Battle Royale 2' on DVD and new clothes. I also saw lots of notices for staff wanted during Christmas. I didn't have to go into school yesterday so I printed off 10 CVs and gave them to any shop or restaurant that would take them (except McDonald's). Sometimes I was given application forms so I had to sit down and fill those in. Grrr they're so annoying!

Today I learned how to use a tyre air pump, what to do when buying petrol and what to do after having the appointment with the dentist. I went there for a check up and a check on my wisdom teeth. An X-Ray was taken and I could see they were fully formed, just not fully grown. I was told that if they still hurt in 6 months I have to go back and get them pulled out. I'd like to see him try, considering they might still be under a gum. He also used a tiny drill to get out all the bits stuck in my teeth. It often scratched against my gums...making them bleed. I'll take his advice and floss. And for the first time in ages: we had faggots for dinner! Yay! Faggots are squashy meatballs made of pork and are so YUMMY!

I've already seen 'Battle Royale 2' so I'll give my personal review on it. For one thing, it's no way the "worst sequel in the history of sequels", which a BR fanatic on the Megatokyo Forums said. I'd give that title to 'Son of the Mask'. There were dodgy bits though. Two boys, not even military trained, were the last ones left against Japan's forces and somehow they survived. How? They don't even show how. The Wild Seven is a terrible name for a terrorist group because there were at least 20 members in their hideout. When Shuya made the opening speech he didn't look threatening, like he tremendously does in the second speech, but looked as if he was so scared of the camera zooming in on him. And the teacher of this class, who so obviously was never a teacher (does anyone know a teacher who wears a trenchcoat?) was trying too hard to be angry and evil. Kitano was a lot more sadistic. And another silly point: even though it said on the DVD blurb that the class was meant to go on a ski trip they never mentioned where they were going in the movie. And the stupidest part was during the last battle: people died and then their friends got in a fit of rage, yelled, ran into the middle of the warzone, sprayed bullets and-predictably-got shot. Morons.

But here are the plus points. The story is mostly told from Shiori Kitano's point of view (that's right, his daughter). It's very thoughtful because the movie looks at the terrible nature of corrupt politics and the violence that stems from it. There are some very emotional scenes to be sure. The class is from a school of outcasts and delinquents, which promises more viciousness and fighting, promised even more by the fact they're given cool weapons and combats. There is also a tiny bit of sadistic humour: even though most of these kids have hard outer shells, when faced with death they whimper and cry out for "MUMMY!". It's also interesting how BR2 is adapted to force the class to work together. There is also a commentary booklet inside the DVD case that explains some key phrases and scenes. This movie was mostly made as a protest against the power of the United States and the missiles and weapons they use too freely. Also, unlike in many movies where revolutions are successful and there are happy endings, Shuya says "Once again I couldn't do anything".

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