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Earlier we had a fire drill. Except it wasn't a fire drill, a fire randomly appeared somewhere in one of the corridors. I've gone to the same school 6 years and a real fire has never happened. It's amazing. One of the giveaways was that it happened just as lunch was about to end. A drill never takes place during lunch because the teachers would complain as well.

'Jaron' or 'Fall of the Catlans' as I have renamed it has reached the very middle. It's well timed because this Saturday I'm going all the way to Swansea, which from a child's point of view is a million miles away, so I'm going Friday night and staying the night. Mum is my travelling companion. Not the best but she has promised to try and not throw a fit. At least I've had experience of sharing a room with her. I don't think I'll put up the next chapter for a couple of weeks because I want a short break from all that work.

Plans for the week off school: I'll also be visiting Birmingham-but on my own, I have a job interview with Marks and Spencers, trip to the Dentist on Monday (checking how well I've flossed no doubt), doing all my homework, a bunch of other things for school extra-curriculars, I really want to watch 'Casshern' and maybe I'll see 'Nanny Mcphee'.

What do I mean when I say school extra-curriculars? Well, I've joined the Ecology Society, which I earlier suggested should be renamed to Eco Society because the former name sounds like an exclusive club for geeks and none of us even fit the criteria. I've also ended up with the job of making every (6 forms) of Year 7 sell something at the Craft Fair next month. Miss Oakley wants them to have 2 tables each to sell 2 different kinds of things. Well I can't really promise her that but this job sends a slight tingling inside me that tells me I'm in an important role and I'm doing something new. ^^

Oh yes, I'm happy.

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