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Ever heard of the band 'Prussian Blue'? Well, it's made up of 13-year-old twins Lamb and Lynx (what kind of names are they?), pretty blondes with blue eyes who write and sing songs that, in general, encourage racism and loyalty to Hitler. WHAT THE @!¥K ARE YOU THINKING! Well it's not quite their fault: despite truly believing that white people are facing extinction because we don't produce enough babies or well formed babies, they are simply regurgitating what their Neo-Nazi Mum (and Dad) told them. What's worse is that there are people who actually fall for their crap. For one thing, there are a couple of million white people in the world. Also, haven't they noticed the amount of WASPs that dominate the media? And as the comic genius Russell Peters said: in the year 3000 we're going to be a cross of Chinese and Indians. Why? They have the biggest world populations and considering how many more UV rays are poking through our O-Zone layer, I wouldn't be surprised. It's called evolution and it's inevitable. I just hope everyone's intelligence evolves at the same time.

I mean come on! Hitler as a peace-loving man? Yeah right! It's because of him that: 1) Dad got bullied at school (only because Germany lost the War, little boys never associated him with Hitler) 2) I got cousins who were trapped on the other side of the Iron Curtain 3) Großvater came close to being trapped with them 4) as a distant cause, Germany has a bad economy because they spent too much money on developing the East.

Ranting over, now for more mundane things. On Sunday I watched Casshern (it's pronounced without the first s). It's brilliant! You know on those animes when they run really fast? Casshern did the same thing. The plot was brilliant! The blurb was so misleading: I thought it would be a case of experiments gone wrong, hero defeats them all, a climactic happy end. But it was filled with morals. I had so many emotions at the end I had to cry. I'm really not giving much of the plot away because you have to see it yourself and if I gave away one part of it, you would just so kill me.

Went to the dentist yesterday. He gave me another clean, which didn't cause as many bleeding gums like the first time. was a good idea to floss after all. I'm once again addicted to 'The Legend of Zelda' ('A Link to the Past' on Gameboy Advance, if you really must know), which I seriously haven't played for nearly 2 years because I was stuck at one bit. Sajida showed me how to get past some bits so with the knowledge I am once again able to play with it, I played. She said to ask her any time for help. I phoned her 3 times in the last 2 days. How pathetic. At one point I realised she was reading off a computer file. A strategy guide from of all things. So I got me one. Pleasant surprise: Last Summer I applied for a job at Homebase. They declined at the time but this morning I got an application from them. They obviously kept my CV. I'd really like to work there 'cos I can walk there.

What else? Ah yes, Swansea...



I SOOOO WANNA GO THERE! It's cheap! Good weather! Extreme Sports! Easy to get into! Conservation Society! I could do Spanish Conversation there, Japanese too if I wanted! *calm* *calm* I should explain the last bit. The language rep said how at Swansea, it's possible to combine almost anything with anything. I plan to do History, but I could also do a random German Module in the middle of it. I then got a thought as I left that building that outside my course I could join in with a Spanish Conversation class 'cos even though I don't plan to continue studying the language, I'd hate to have spent 5 years learning it just to forget it all.

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