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I don't understand why people laugh at the sight of earmuffs. What's wrong with them!? Yes, that's right, I wear earmuffs. I didn't want to wear a hat but I need to keep my ears warm and earmuffs are good for girls with long hair because it almost looks like a long hair and headband combo. I like my earmuffs, so I would appreciate it if people didn't laugh in my face. Anyway, since it's near Christmas I thought I would list my likes and obsessions. It's...sort of related, you'll see.

I like Knightmare almost fanatically. It's not really related to Christmas but I thought I'll start my RP version in the new year 'cos by then people will be done with families and more people on the boards. Another obsession: Transformers (the original series...duh!). It was on my 16th Christmas I unwrapped a present and was happy to find a DVD set of the entire first season. So I collected all the others and got the last one at Easter this year.

Obviously I like (most things) fantasy. Last Summer (2004) I discovered Finnish rock band Nightwish-I have never seen or heard anything more gothic! Most of their songs are like small fantasy stories, but in song. Eleanor got me one of their earlier albums 'Oceanborn' and earlier I downloaded as much of their material off iTunes as possible. I was a bit miffed that iTunes doesn't have the album 'Century Child' anymore, I'd like it to reappear please. Listening to Oceanborn almost made me laugh because it sounded like Nightwish were trying to put in as any sounds as possible into each song and it bordered on messy. Oh well, in the 3+ years they've been releasing music they've refined their sound.

New like: with my CD Eleanor gave me a Kazoo. In fact, she gave everyone a present plus a Kazoo. We were having an absolute laugh during Lunch on the last day (of school) 'cos we were doing all kinds of tunes and did a Kazoo Chorus. Ever heard 2 Kazoos doing the Doctor Who theme? Sounds like demented Darleks. (Eleanor actually plays her Kazoo like a flute.)

Speaking of Doctor Who: first episode of the new series is on Christmas Day. (Goody!)

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