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Happy New Year!

For one of the few times I do, I went to a New Year's Party. June has one at her (parent's) restaurant every year. On the way I was listening to Smooth FM in the car-as I usually do-and the DJ read out a report that 32 million people had decided to not go out for New Year's this year. Most people reckon it's because of the tube strike.

Because today is Sunday we were obliged to go to Church. I was thankful for 2 things: that the choir got the Sundays after Easter and Christmas off so Dad and I didn't have to get there 30 minutes early and the service today was at a later 10:30-instead of 10 am. We were singing typical hymns, which was weird because during the 12 days of Christmas (25/12-6/1) you're supposed to sing Christmas carols in Church. What I most hated was that the opening hymn was 'Shine Jesus Shine' ie. 'Lord the light of your love is shining'. If you've never heard of it, then be glad. Be very glad. Since I hate it so, I'm going to write up my own version. I hope you like it.

"Oh my God we're singing this again,
This hymn that plagues Christians so often,
Why oh why do we put up with this?
Who would actually enjoy singing this?
The Kids? As if!
The adults feel so gay

CHORUS: Merciful Lord!
Save us from this cheesy song
Your son is too humble,
To admit this is crap!
I might give this to Mark Lamarr,
So we might lead a hate campaign,
This song has no power,
The Beatles' songs are better!"

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