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As you can see there's a problem: it's Friday and I haven't put up a new chapter. "Why?"
do you ask? Oh well it's simple really, I haven't updated all the links (there are soooo many). So I apologise and I've decided to use this weekend to finish editing chapter 24 and next week you'll get 2 chapters. But why haven't I updated the links? Well...

On Wednesday I had the house to myself but completely wasted it away. Just to make sure I did something useful I did some revision. Sorry, but schoolwork really does take priority over a website. If I didn't do the updated work on Monday I usually do it on Thursday. Monday I forgot, Thursday I lapsed back into my old habit of flicking though MTV channels. I haven't done so in a long time because so much pop(ular-all types) music is right now. But it's a new year and the channels showing music videos are going through a slight nostalgia moment, so I flicked through in the vain hope of finding a video I absolutely love. But when I finally swithed off the TV even more time was wasted when June called. It's not her fault, God just arranges events in such a way to teach me a harsh lesson. Oh how he knows I learn more through harsh lessons (thank you heavenly Father).

In regards to June, she's found a new job and started Wednesday, so give her a clap. *cheers gleefully* She called me yesterday because on Tuesday she pointed out a "pause" in the song she'll be singing in a show. The "pause" is a long stretch of music and no singing. If you must know she's doing 'Sway' by Dean Martin. She called me yesterday because she wondered if I could teach her boyfriend to dance with her during that stretch. He has, as he said, two left feet, no rhythm, never danced before and I don't think I can get him to smile brightly (unless you count grinning evilly) and last time he went on stage he came off trembling. I'm going to have such a high rate of success...not!

Charles Kennedy. I don't really care if he's thrown off his seat as leader of the Liberal Democrats as long as an able leader replaces him. At least he admitted he had a drinking problem and congrats for not drinking in 2 months. At least he's honest. We'll just see how the vote of no confidence goes.

!!!Happy Epiphany!!!

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