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Woohoo! The ID Cards got defeated! And they say Democracy doesn't work (...well, maybe not in USA). It was announced during the 6 o'clock
news on Radio 4 this evening.

Speaking of news, I feel like complaining about tabloids. When a nervous situation arises like maybe becoming part of a grand state of Europe or threat of Birdflu, people need to analyse the situation carefully and know all the information. Not just quote the apocalyptic warning/statement of an expert and getting absolutely hysterical on one page about how some event will doom us all! TABLOIDS! And they could at least be less opinionated and instead of reporting about some people committing some such crime and declaring them evil and must be isolated at all cost, BROADSHEETS consider the evidence and consider how such crimes could be prevented in the future. I know I'm exaggerating, I just want to point out the difference between the 2 types.

Today Year 13 got assembled in the Common Room (during tutorial) and one of the Assistant Heads Mr Walden started talking about various finances in Uni and what happens if we want to buy a mortgage afterwards-well not buy but it seems like that's what people do. It was quite interesting actually. He told us how Parents either paid for everything, nothing or made a contribution. He also gave us tips about food, like how it's better to buy long-lasting food ie. lots of tins instead of lots of vegetables. So I made a mental note to buy packets of dried rice and pasta when I'm in Uni.

As a coincidence, when Star Trek: Voyager was starting earlier a package arrived. Inside was a cooking utensils set that Mum saw as a bargain and bought for me. Aaaw. I always knew she'll be the contributing parent: she already agreed to buy me bedlinens! ^^

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