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Why do my fish-net tights seem to be cursed? The first time I wore them to school (last year) a bunch of girls looked at me as if my fashion sense had been thrown out of the window. Last Thursday I wore them, a bunch of teachers then admired my legs but on the way home some wanker stopped his car next to me and said: "Excuse me darling, can you do me a favour? If you'd just climb in I'll drive you to the end of the road and give you a fiver." Granted he might have just stopped 'cos he wanted a sexy girl in his car, considering that to try and charm me he called out "I love your tights!" as I walked away. As soon as he finished his second sentence I just turned and walked away, I never said a word. I'm proud of that. I'm more proud of the fact that I kept my distance from the car door in the first place.

Bottom line: I like wearing my fish-nets, but I'm not a prostitute.

You've probably noticed the long absence. I've been avoiding the diary 'cos the link to the server kept slowing down. Progress became stupidly slow. Dad restarted the server last Saturday, which has dealt with the problem somewhat.

Also, at the end of April I went to Germany for my cousin's (Katharina's) baptism. I was given  €45. I exchanged it all and got £28.83. Not sure what significance that has but it made me wish I got more.

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