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Here I present a bit of historical evidence: girls gathered outside the building of Wallington High School for Girls awaiting their A-Level results.

Good news: I got into Aberystwyth (as if I doubted that). Bad news: My grades were pitiful. History=C, German=C, Spanish=D. If you're wondering how I got into Aberystwyth, it's all about the points system. But I've talked about it before and I'm going to stop here before I rant about my personal disappointment of this morning.

Regarding work, I think I've made it seem more rosy than it actually is. (Any names mentioned from now on assume they are coworkers unless otherwise stated.) Sarah confirmed my suspicions that Janine doesn't like me-nothing to do with my personality but-understandably-she sees me as lazy and willing to get-out-of-work. That's true to an extent but she was quick to judge. She's left now though so I won't bother a thought with her. Robin-a senior (I think sous) chef-...well Debra (personnel) warned us he shouted but she could've given a swearing warning. You see, he's a nice guy, but when he gets stressed he shouts, swears and blatantly insults you. A child would cry. So he's not the guy you want in the kitchen on Sunday (the busiest day of the week). He was reasonably well-behaved last Sunday though.

And another thing, this is the first entry that I've done on my new computer: an iBook G4 laptop, running on Mac OS X, unlike my old Mac OS 9 computer-which was the first edition iMac.

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