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I checked my student account balance earlier...I was surprised at how low it was. Not drastically, but having £712 when I thought I had at least £740...well...I am somewhat ashamed. You see, instead of being a cautious spender, I looked at my finances and realised I would have quite a bit of money left so I could transfer a couple of hundred into my savings account as well as still have enough to buy Christmas presents. I felt very financially comfortable, so I go spending money at cinemas and buy cake bars without a care. Well, I don't plan to see anything else at the cinema and now I'm down to my last cake bar I've decided since I've eaten every brand, it's only right that I fast on sugar before Christmas. Like every year Mum must have filled up space in and above cupboards with chocolates and cakes. I can predict coming home to find a tin of Cadbury's Roses or some such already opened in the lounge...

Actually, I'm going home on the 16th so it's actually too early for opened choccy tins. But it will be open, it just typically doesn't 'till either Christmas Eve or Eve's eve.

Just came back from my first ever Guild General meeting (second one of term). I'm somewhat pissed. It was humorous when they attempted to pass the vote on this year's Budget because they wait for at least 100 people to be seated and for every motion to be passed 75 must vote and the majority of that is then counted the victor. While voting for the budget it emerged a certain amount of people didn't have the right cards. This angered quite a few. So there weren't enough voters, only 73 were counted for passing the Budget and in order to get the last 2...well it was a good thing the people from the Poker Club were hanging around waiting for their chance to set up for tonight's Poker Event.

As to why I'm pissed: I came to vote for the 2 Environmental Motions: the Go Green motion and the one for the Union Shop to charge for plastic bags. Not enough people voted at all so they fell though. I'm starting to agree with last year's reporter on the meetings-there aren't enough voters. Plus this also shows that a lot of people don't really care about some of the issues-the rule is at least 2 committee members from every society has to turn up, so I can imagine some not voting at all. If they had voted no at least they would have demonstrated their opinion. Or were they too bored? Lucy (Hiking Soc's secretary-most societies just say 'soc' 'cos it's easier) was surprised to see me and conversed. She told me how nothing is ever done at Guild meetings. Pooh.

Doesn't help too much that the Sabbatical Officers looked bored and fed up by the end (don't blame them too much-the Go Green basket debate dragged on a bit). I was also surprised that a translation system was put in place: wires trail beneath the seats and in them are sockets for you to put headphones into. The Welsh speakers could use them to listen in Welsh and vice-versa when a speaker chose to speak in Welsh. If only I picked one up...I'll remember to do that next time, since I couldn't understand the Welsh speeches. The best bit was 'Questions to the Executive' 'cos some of the questions were very trivial. "Where can we get tickets for the Snow Ball?" "What did Steering get for his birthday?" (Steering is 'the guy' who runs everything by procedure and knows all rules)

Still...more people need to show up.

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