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The time right now is 19:56, the day is Saturday. This time next week I'll be in my own home...not sure what I'll be doing...playing Soul Calibur III with Nathan most likely.

Quite a lot has happened since last entry: Hiker's Christmas meal, Jungle Party, Bandtrade and the Tot's Christmas Trail. But first: I got my assignment back (from History) and I got a 69: a high Second. I was told I would've gotten a few points higher if I wrote in the footnotes the page numbers that I got the information from.


Hiker's Christmas meal...not much to say about it. Everyone dressed up, we had fun, food was excellent (didn't particularly enjoy my starter of garlic mushrooms but dammit I finished it!).

The Jungle Party and Bandtrade were on the same night. The Jungle Party was held to raise money for...something. I went there because of the promise of a DJ and it's because it was publicised to the Hikers by our publicity officer Amy that a group of them were at the party. So that party ended up being the unofficial Hiking Social. There weren't that many people there but there was dancing. It would have been better if everyone dressed up (some people didn't bother and there were lots of explorers and Dryads). The music played ranged from stuff like Bob Marley, James Brown and that song 'Jungle Boogey' to stuff like The Prodigy and when I left, Drum 'n' Bass, which I don't particularly like, which is why I left. Dan proposed we leave 'cos the music was getting annoying. It was only half an hour 'til the end anyway.

Bandtrade was organised by the sub-group of People and Planet campaigning for Aber to become a Fairtrade University. Basically it was a gig of 3 bands and 3 soloists/acoustic singers to raise money and awareness for the cause. Once I found out what kinds of artists they were looking to perform I immediately lost interest. But what astounds me is how the event was organised in just 2 weeks. Well, the prepping and testing whether it could work started the week before. But the expectation was only that about 80 people would turn up, or there would be no profit. But I found out it exceeded everyone's expectation and more than 200 people turned up (estimated profit was £600 give or take). That's amazing, it really is. I helped with selling tickets and very basic advertising 'cos I believed in the cause, but as I said, I had no interest in going. Still, the turnout proved that either students did care about Fairtrade and wanted more of it or loadsa students just like a gig. Perhaps both?

The Tot's Christmas Trail was very innovative. Very little children follow the storyteller around the Church, seeing parts of the Christmas Story playing out before them, getting small presents (board books mostly) and then they get to play with puzzles and eat biscuits at the end. And the kids were so cute, especially 'baby Jesus' who was actually a 1-month old baby called James. There were 2 Marys and 2 Angels (the same person, they got a girl to appear to Mary and a boy to appear to Shepherds-quite amusing I find). I was the Mary who the Angel appeared to and was told she would mother Jesus. Once the kids went away Rachel (playing Gabriel) and I chatted, until the storyteller (there were actually 2, to keep things moving) went to the curtain, stood in front of the curtain and waited for the next group. I had to wear a heavy blue material around my head, which meant I couldn't properly bow forward at the right moment. Oh and by "playing out" I mean mimed, the storyteller said everything. Everyone was relieved at the fact that it finished at the right time, 'cos it meant everything got packed up earlier and the students were able to get something to eat and carry on with work (I didn't have any work but I was the youngest student being in First Year and all...)

Nothing much more to say
than I finished my Christmas shopping earlier.

The time is now 20:28.

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