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I have a couple of things to say to you-as a response to your messageboard post-Sajida: point taken that I shouldn't worry too much about what others think, but considering this is a public diary (that anyone can read) I do have to take care when writing opinions. It's why I take care not to slag people off (course you know that I don't slag people off anyway). And concerning Azumi 2: you'll find I don't have it on DVD, I watched an uploaded file. I can give you the website if you want. I'm personally glad I didn't buy the 2 Azumi movies, I didn't enjoy either enough to be willing to pay for them. That's just my opinion, since I know how much you enjoyed the first one.

*addresses the rest of the crowd* Tonight's my last night in Cwrt Mawr. Tomorrow morning my parents come along and stuff all my things in the car and we drive home. Well, that's the extremely condensed version. But hey, one thing that was very obvious before I even began packing this week (Monday to be exact) is that packing all my stuff would be easier than when I unpacked everything at the beginning of the year. Slower too, since I'm in no hurry I slow down. I've packed everything now, except the stuff I have to wait 'til tomorrow morning to pack. (Folding my duvet is not going to be easy.)

One thing to explain about the condensation of the going home process is that this time we needed extra space in the car, so I'm taking advantage of the Penbryn storage facility. It's actually fortunate I was given a room in Seafront next year 'cos you can only use the Penbryn facility if you'll be staying in a Hall of Residence next year (or Student Village, but I don't plan to stay there 'til 3rd Year). We need the extra space 'cos from Moreton-in-Marsh to London Nathan will be in the car with us. Last time I had so much stuff we lost a passenger seat.

You see, this year is my parents' Silver Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate, they've rented a large cottage (in town-as-named above). Even though it's half term right now Nathan refuses to journey all the way to Aberystwyth in the car with my parents. So my parents go to Grandma's (going even, they'll reach her house 10ish-roughly 10 minutes from now), stay the night, come here, pick me up, I plan to show them around, then we stay at Grandma's overnight again. Then on the Friday we go to the cottage and Nathan gets picked up at some point.

Funny packing up everything 'cos my room now looks so empty. My noticeboard looks so bare. What helps the empty feeling is that my largest suitcase is outside in the corridor along with all the boxes containing kitchen things. Won't get in anyone's way, since there are no Polish guys in the room next door (ie. no one).

Hm, my parents will now be arriving at Grandma's about 5 minutes.

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