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I've been updating a lot this week. Maybe it's a sign of something worrying?

Right now I'm between tasks in the library so I'm writing this up so that I can relax my brain (through my usual means of relaxing my brain-thinking of something else while not concentrating too hard and not by switching off) plus I'm not bothered to move yet since I came to this end of the floor to get the books I needed and to do the next assignment I'll need to pick up some books that I've yet to find and I know they're in another part of the floor I'm on so I'll be needing to move desks out of convenience. *gasp*

Notice the absence of commas? I really do speak such long sentences without pauses if I'm desperate to just divulge a lump of information to people as quickly as possible. One of these days I'll demonstrate how impossible it is to understand me when I'm speaking casually by writing literally how I sound. By "casually" I mean when I'm not concentrating on the fact I'm talking, nor what I'm talking about nor how fast. When that happens, I speak too loud or I'm just literally speaking my thoughts as they occur. eg. "It only makes sense for fish farms to increase no wait there was that..." (etc). Either that or I think I'm making intelligable comments but instead people are just baffled or staring at me like an alien once I'm finished. I never know why until someone says: "Did you understand what she was saying?" If it's Nathan I'm talking to he goes into a big lecture about how I should slow down, concentrate on what I'm saying, I'm not in a race bla bla bla so on and so forth etc etc.

Anywho, would you like a proper explanation of my situation now? I'll use strict structure now.

What am I doing? Well I'm writing this entry. I've finished one assignment, which is to translate a text into German. Was quite tricky really. I did the translation from English last night but I had to look up any words and terminology I wasn't sure of to make sure it's correct and is what a native speaker would say. I will start research on stained glass windows for a presentation I'll be doing next week for my Medieval Parish module.

Why am I doing it so early? Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (25th-27th) I'm off for a medieval conference at a lovely mansion called Gregynog. I will be doing work on Saturday but I don't want to come back and do work hurriedly, which would be likely if I didn't start so early since I'm involved in various Fairtrade Fortnight activities. I want my presentation to be well prepared, after all.

Where am I? I'm on Floor F (Llawr F) of the Hugh Owen Library on campus, in the SW corner where a large array of dictionaries are kept. Once I was finished with the exercise I put them back, since the monolingual dictionary I was using might be sought after. History books of all kinds are scattered throughout the level but they're generally on the Northern half.

Why am I still up here? I don't have any more lectures today after all. Well if I go back to my flat and fool myself into thinking that I've got free time, then I'll be trying to get a download to work. Nowhere on the web has someone uploaded 'Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040' for streaming or...uploading so I have to download each episode instead. The first episode opened with Realplayer but the 2nd ep is supposed to open with Quicktime, except it's "missing some technology" apparently. So I've been trying to make Realplayer open .avi files. Hopefully my next attempt will work, otherwise I'll be horribly sad and feeling terribly lost until Supernatural finishes. I really hope that Writer's Strike ends soon so that I can watch more Battlestar Galactica. Why can't the producers/execs just give them the money for DVD sales and estimated download royalties? They just want to hog all the money themselves, that's why.

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