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It really doesn't look like I'll be completing TSU this week. Partly 'cos I'm still trying to figure out the end but mainly because I need to do a pile of assignment-work-things and there's a whole list of events happening in this final week of Fairtrade Fortnight. I'll be fine and dandy next week. But today I've done very little. I went up to campus later than I meant to, an hour was spent finalising details for Thursday and figuring out how to divide up and plan poster placement for a movie tomorrow night. Then I could finally look through a book for material for my assignment to find it has nothing to offer me. Then the hustings for the (Students') Guild elections lasted a long time so I couldn't go climbing today. So just to make myself think I did something useful I thought I'd put a worry to rest by copyrighting my stories.

You see, I've always had that minor worry of some copycat using my stories but I didn't get round to it because I thought you had to register for a copyright. So I thought I'd double-check and it turns out the UK is a member of the Berne Convention ie. my stories are my property so to hell with registering. So now, if I find someone's been stealing my work, I can flash my little copyright at them. Which is dated. Doesn't the copyright make my work look professional? And notice that I've written my name properly. I've always thought it made more sense to have my middle names double-barrelled know...2 names. But Mum tried in vain to explain to me why they aren't written so on my birth certificate; I only found out myself when I opened my bank account with Smile under Ruth Amy-Louise Huneke and found all the documents labelled "Miss R A Huneke". Whoops. I ain't doing that again. Now, I can only wonder why I've never thought Nathan Thomas Matthew Hüneke should be 'Nathan Thomas-Matthew Hüneke'. Ah well.

It was interesting seeing when and how I uploaded my stories. 'Jaron' or 'Fall of the Catlans' is honestly a piece of crap and just the other day I figured out how to make it a lot better. It involves deleting the original file and starting again. But how it is uploaded onto this website I think I'll leave alone, just as a testament to my progress as a writer. 'Goth Story' or better yet, 'Dark Kingdom' isn't too bad but definitely needs re-wiring. Mostly character quirks/designs need tweaking more than plot problems. This just makes me wonder if I'll ever write out a story which I won't feel needs an overhaul. Considering the thought processes and blogs of various other writers I'll just

By the way, I've decided I want to ditch my idea for a spy story. I just don't have any ideas or inspiration for it. My only desire to write it comes from the desire to write a sci-fi that makes contemporary social commentary as well as presenting possible suggestions as to what would constitute everyday lives and value systems in the future. In other words, what would they consider 'normal' or ordinary.

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