Ruth's Diary


Today is Easter and Jesus has arisen (like he does every year).
Happy Easter everybody!

For some reason it's snowing right now. When it started my memories went back to when I was 10 years old and was at Grandma's house during the Easter holidays. (It was quite fun really, you see, my parents drove Nathan and I to Grandma's house and left us behind after a couple of days-we were on the train to London by ourselves-very exciting. The morning after our parents left we were all so surprised to see it snowing. It was unfortunate since I had packed no jumpers but I did have my very warm coat. Later that morning Grandad Frank and Grandma took us around some town somewhere-probably Worcester City-and ended up in 'Forever Christmas' in an attempt to get out of the cold. It was primarily a toy shop but there was a café table so we had hot chocolate there.)

Mum mentioned during breakfast that it was more common to see snow at Easter than at Christmas, but that's just a baffling thought. How can you celebrate rebirth when it's snowing-even if it melts as soon as it touches the ground? Daffodils and snow just don't mix.

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