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The last time I did a New Year's entry was 3 years ago. Just think, back then I was still in school, albeit barely considering I was in Year 13 so my schooling years ended just 6 months later.

This year I stayed in. Nathan, for the first time ever, had the exciting night out. Before about Year 11 Nathan always went to Devon to spend a week with our aunt (and uncle and 3 cousins) and New Year's was generally the village party. Normally I would say that was interesting, but he never made much of a fuss about it, instead preferring to reveal his amusement at our uncle's hangover the next day. For the next 4 years he visited them before Christmas Day instead of after, 'cos he always had exams in January and needed to revise. This year, his Christmas holiday is pretty long so he accepted a friend's invitation to spend New Year's with her in Italy.

So what did we simple 3 do at home? My Dad looks forward to Jools Holland's Hootenanny every year so for the first time ever, I joined them. Dad made sure we watched the show with amps blasting so the music was good and loud, we had plenty of choc and salty snacks. I even thought we should open up a bottle of something to add to the party mood. Looking through Dad's array of weird alcoholic beverages (I'm glad he doesn't have many of those) I decided to open up something Italian...I couldn't properly read it, I just knew it had 30% alcohol and was packed with lemon. Dad decided we should drink it with shot glasses. I've decided it's lemon vodka-nothing else tastes that strong.

Now if Dad and I were keen alcohol drinkers, we coulda easily gotten through half the bottle in 2 hours. Thing is, we're not idiots, so we've now got loads left and can't figure out how to use it all up.

Oh yes, because Nathan's in Italy, I can play Resistance 2 online by myself. We tried to do competitive together but I found it excruciating, so the only games we've both done are co-op. Now that I'm alone, I can practice competitive. I've figured out a general strategy for Skirmish matches, so I've gotten quite good at those. I know how to play my best at Death Match, but I still need improving. I suck at Core Control (aka Capture the Flag). Oh Core Control...what on Earth am I gonna do with you?

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