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I thought I forgot to add something in my last 2 entries. I wanted to say that the Dietrich Bonhoeffer German Church in Sydenham really outdid itself with the Advent Ring this year. Normally it has a large Ring but this year the Ring and the candles were huge. This is the first time as I recall that the Advent Ring in that church was not hung. Instead, it was a green and red crown on the font.

Tomorrow I go back to Heidelberg. Hopefully the heating in my room's fixed, but I doubt it, December's always trememdously busy, so after unpacking I'll probably be sending Magda an enquiring email. I'll also be bringing my desk lamp along. This is the first time I needed my own lamp and since I had no novels to read in the last couple of months, well I was not in need of my own little light source next to my bed. And now I will need it. Looking at my lamp though, I'm wondering how I can fit it in my suitcase. Perhaps I should leave the box here?

What's also odd is how few plugholes there are (otherwise known as electrical sockets). In Halls of Residences you normally find a voluminous amount of plugholes, so this year is the first year where my desk was not supported by 4 plugholes. I've never used them all. In my bedroom there are 3 sockets: one by the desk, one by the bed and one behind the coatrack. The one by the desk is always used by the laptop. The one by the bed will now be my lamp's permanent supply. Every so often I need to recharge something (it happens rarer than you think), so from now on, rechargeables rely on that third as-yet unused socket.

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